With museums and galleries closed, exhibitions cancelled and creative energy confined to apartments and studios where the rent is due, it’s time for us to remember the artists behind the  artworks we enjoy. Even without art fairs and shows, artists need our continued encouragement and support during these challenging times.

If an artwork caught your eye the last time you passed by a gallery window, reach out to the gallery or artist online or by phone. Ask for a virtual visit and let them know you are interested. Buy art if you can. Support artists and vulnerable communities in other ways as well. Even by sending a postcard, you can support residencies and other programs sponsored by Project Art Lounge. Register now and get a credit on the first postcard you send.

Over the years, Project Art Lounge has supported artists through curated exhibitions, studio tours, residencies, art talks and the blog projectartlounge.com. We are a non-profit benefactor of the arts. If you would like to support a residency program in your area or have other means to support artists at this time, please reach out to us.

Thank you for joining with us as #WeSupportArtists!

Image credit: Portrait of Dr. Robert H. Collyer performing mesmerization on Monsieur De Bonneville by the artist Auguste Edouart, 1788 – 1861. The Ink wash, chalk and cut paper silhouette on paper was a gift of Robert L. McNeil, Jr. to the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution (S/NPG.91.126.65.B). The image is in the public domain.