Doris Hinzen-Röhrig: The world is your oyster.

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Foto: Doris Hinzen-Röhrig on Residency with Project Art Lounge in New York

From the plight of coral reefs to the dramatically changing coastlines and ocean landscapes in the wake of climate change, Doris Hinzen-Röhrig is living proof that the world is your oyster, if only we are awake to it the world that lies before us. Sometimes, you just need to have a look at the ground beneath your feet and take notice of your surroundings to uncover both the wonders and the perils confronting humanity. The world as we know it is evolving in ominous ways and disappearing before our very eyes.

These are a some of the truths that Doris explored, together with her partner and fellow artist, Silvia Sinha, during a 2019 residency sponsored by Project Art Lounge. Hinzen-Röhrig is a highly respected and accomplished painter from Berlin, Germany, who has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally in public and private galleries, project- and art spaces. During her residency in New York, she continued exploring a new body of work focused on the palpable occurances of “disappearance” in nature and the environment (“Vom Verschwinden). Through a combination of photographs and drawings, Doris juxtaposes the real with the imagined.

In contrast to her large canvas paintings, these new artworks are presented as a series of smaller, more intimate works on paper (18×24 cm), each part of a larger narrative and dialogue, one artwork to another and between the artist and her environment. Storytelling has long been a central element of Hinzen-Röhrig’s work. Her current body of work also includes observations on the nature of urban landscapes (“Strips and Stripes”) as well as a visual commentary on how nature might view humanity through the clever eyes of a Long-Eared Owl (“Beobachtungen einer Waldohreule”).

To learn more about Doris Hinzen-Röhrig and see examples of her earlier work, visit We look forward to highlighting her new work on Project Art Lounge in the near future.

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Coming-Soon! New works by Doris Hinzen-Röhrig:


Doris Hinzen-Röhrig, from the Series “Strips and Stripes”
inspired during the 2019 residency program.