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Powerful (Women)

As Project Art Lounge goes on a brief sabbatical to attend to the family building of the organizations’ founders, we remain steadfast in our support of artists doing the hard work they do. Women artists have often been the least acknowledged creators, even though creation is at the core of what they do. During these […]

Buy Something

As you dive into the heat of summer, we want to introduce you to a new initiative at Project Art Lounge: For the Love of Art Postcards. Join us for a dip in our cool donor pool and send a postcard in support of artists and non-profit arts organizations in need of your help. In […]

(Dis)harmony of Difference

Project Art Lounge has highlighted the work of many women artists over the years. We didn’t do so because they were women. We did so because something in their work inspired us to look closer. It matters to us who these artists are, of course, and we let their art speak for them. Sometimes we’re […]

Breaking Through the Darkness

In this era of COVID-19, time appears to be standing still or ticking in slow motion. With everyone waiting for things to reopen, there seems to be a blurring of past, present and future. What was it like before this crisis? What will it be like thereafter? Will it ever be the same…and do we […]

Enduring the Shutdown

In the n-th week of the corona shutdown, you finally get around to the projects that have been pushed aside and neglected for too long. Organizing papers and photo albums,  cleaning out the files and updating the blogs that have been left unattended. Reaching out to friends you haven’t seen or heard from in a […]

The Tree of Life

Eleven years and 4800 miles apart, Jurgen Bey’s Treetrunk Bench and High Table have welcomed us to sit a while and remember where we come from and where we are going. Trees have that enduring quality about them. From a wedding reception in 2008 at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, Germany to Atlanta’s High […]


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