Silvia Sinha

In her photography, Silvia Sinha departs from general perceptions of reality. Her focus is instead on a deeper exploration of spaces that surround us, spaces which are too often viewed without regard to the subtlety and intimacy of their viewpoints.  Whether in nature or within an architectural structure, she seeks to deconstruct her subject while maintaining the pre-existing order and essential characteristics of the place.

By deliberately focusing our attention, Silvia’s minimalist photographs highlight inherent structures, creating a sense of closeness between subject and viewer. For her work, she frequently chooses empty interiors or landscapes, which – through the break-down and interaction of structure and light – give architectural elements and colors an entirely new dynamic.

“Water Abstracts – Silvia Sinha”
November 19-22, 2015 – Tokyo, Japan

PROJECT ART LOUNGE Photography Exhibition – 光と流 – Light and Flow

Shibuya Hikarie 8/ Creative Lounge MOV
〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya, 2−21−1, 渋谷ヒカリエ8F
開催期間: 2015年11月19日(木)~11月22日(日) / 展示場所: aiiima3

See examples of Silvia Sinha’s work here. For more information about Silvia Sinha, please read her vita or visit her website.

Silvia Sinha

“Lucid Intervals” – Exhibition LIGHT BREAKS
@atelier davidseck, November 2013 – Basel, Switzerland.

Silvia Sinha’s new photographic works from the series “Lucid Intervals” are examples of a confrontation with the empty white space. She is particularly drawn to white surfaces where contrasting areas of color on ceilings and floors or areas of light and shadow add to the composition of the space. By breaking up the existing architecture, she creates a new visual unity. What remains is a conceptual imagery, which in its minimalist form borders on constructivism.

In the exhibition LIGHT BREAKS, Silvia exhibited two installations from her series “Lucid Intervals”.

Silvia Sinha - Lucid Intervals, 2012-13
Silvia Sinha – Lucid Intervals, 2012-13
Silvia Sinha - Lucid Intervals, 2012-13
Silvia Sinha – Lucid Intervals, 2012-13


See more examples of Silvia Sinha’s work here. To learn more about Silvia Sinha, please read her vita or visit her website.

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