Month: September 2014

Trash – o what a tangled web we weave.

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When visiting a contemporary art exhibition, who hasn’t heard the expression “my four year old could have done that”?  Or how about the other favorite quip: “is that art, or is it trash that can be thrown away.” The fact is that both of these statements might sometimes be true – and that’s the beauty of it.

Pam Longobardi - The Drifters Project

Recently, artist Michele Schuff introduced me to the Drifters Project by her friend Pam Longobardi. By turning plastic debris found in the ocean into beautiful sculptures, she is raising awareness about the massive amount of plastic drifting around the oceans, washing up on beaches and how it is personally connected to all of us.

Pam Longobardi: Drifters: Plastics, Pollution, and Personhood
In her artwork, Pam Longobardi’s encourages us to see that trash for what it is and not just walk by and ignore it. She challenges us to recognize our own role as consumers of plastic and to do something about it. By picking it up and making great art from it, she’s done her part as an artist. Now it’s our turn. Read more about the Drifters Project and The Concious Ocean on her website and buy her book Pam Longobardi: Drifters: Plastics, Pollution, and Personhood.