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Diving into “Stadtbad Berlin 5” by photorealistic painter Johannes Schramm.

As you dive into the heat of summer, we want to introduce you to a new initiative at Project Art Lounge: For the Love of Art Postcards. Join us for a dip in our cool donor pool and send a postcard in support of artists and non-profit arts organizations in need of your help. In the weeks ahead we will be highlighting a number of these organizations. Register now and receive a credit on the first postcard you send.

Years ago – during a past economic recession – I believe it was Land Rover that took a full page newspaper ad to announce “Buy Something – we’d like you to buy a Land Rover, but buy something.” We think that’s a good message for the current crisis as well. The best way to support an artist is to buy art. And if you can’t afford that right now, there are other many other ways to support artists and the arts community.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit indiscriminately, and economically vulnerable communities are particularly hard hit. With museums closed and exhibitions cancelled, the arts community is struggling. Even as some galleries inch toward reopening, the impact on artists will be felt for months and perhaps years to come. Luckily, there are many organizations supporting artists in these difficult times. Americans for the Arts has created a Ressource and Response Center and is conducting an survey of impacted artists. The National Black Arts organization NBAF has created an Artist Project Fund to support artists of color impacted by COVID-19.

At Project Art Lounge, we are committed to supporting artist residencies and other efforts to bring attention to the work of artists around the world. And now, the simple act of sending a postcard can help as well. Our share of proceeds will be dedicated to projects supporting artists in these difficult times. For more information about this and other ways to give back, visit the Project Art Lounge giving page.